Why Work With Us?

As an Atlanta-based advertising and PR agency, we are brand builders and storytellers. We use public relations, advertising, digital and design to tell a company’s story—one that is built around a smart strategy and a big, simple idea. This story, or positioning, is then told using all available channels—paid, earned and owned.

How Do We Work?

First and foremost we work as a partner. Diligently, strategically and creatively—with a little happiness and enjoyment mixed in. Locally in Atlanta, or nationally, we can team with you on advertising, PR, design or digital as needed. Have us take a holistic approach to your brand or project and we’ll look at it from a discipline-agnostic position.


Featured Work: BlueWater Ropes

As an Atlanta Agency, we partnered with the oldest climbing rope manufacturer in the U.S. to create a fresh, brand-driven website.
BlueWater Ropes’ old website, and the personality it projected, needed an update. It was missing the energy and dynamic feeling that this industry leader should be known for. Because they sponsor some of the best rock climbers in the world and have access to amazing photography, we moved them toward a site that would emphasize their sponsored athletes. These climbers perform incredible feats in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Not only does the new site go in-depth with these 30 top climbers, but it features an e-commerce store that sells over 150 products representing 700 SKUs. In the end, it’s an effective blend of branding and selling. Orders started rolling in within hours of launching the e-commerce section of the site. BlueWaterRopes.com
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